Me, looking glorious in a dino-onesie with a tux underneath. As one does. Greetings!
Thanks for checking out my site. My name is Jared Halpern and I'm a software developer with over 12 years experience. Lately I've primarily specialized in Apple and Unity technologies. I've worked on many iPhone apps over the years, including games, augmented reality, photography, SDKs, marketplace, video, and GIFs.

My interests include Swift, Unity, AR, Game Development, and the creative application of technologies. I do a bit of writing on Medium from time to time. Lately I've been getting into Quora too.

I wrote a book titled: Developing 2D Games with Unity (November 2018, Apress) which can be ordered here. My book is being used as a course textbook for two courses at Davidson College. Slides from talks I've given related to Unity can be found here.

Please feel free to reach out with any project-related inquiries or questions about the book via Twitter or LinkedIn, or if you just want to say hi!
If you're interested in game programming,
you should check out my book:

While writing the book, I needed to take an evening off to work on something different, so I wrote a Slack integration to roll dice in-channel called Rolld.
Some of the Apps and Software I've worked on (Contract and Full-Time):
Betaworks Studios - A club for Builders.
Curbside - connects stores for mobile commerce, building software that gets products to customers at the exact moment they’re ready for them.
GIPHY. The GIF Search Engine for All the GIFs
Artist Sticker Packs brought to you by GIPHY Arts
GIPHY for iMessage (Won a Webby Award in the People's Voice Category)
GIPHY KEYS. The GIF Keyboard
GIPHY Stickers. The Animated Sticker & Emoji App (out of App Store)
Aiko, a mobile companion incubated by Katapult Studio at betaworks
Medium Speakup The App (out of App Store)
Quora (out of App Store)
GitHub Antengo
StackExchange (acquired by AOL & shut down)
Twitter Snap and Cap (iOS 10 and earlier)